FIBA Asia Cup 2012

2012 FIBA Asia Cup (former Stankovic Cup)
Qualifier for 2013 FIBA Asia Championship

September 14-22, 2012
Tokyo, Japan

Group A: China, Lebanon, Macau, Philippines, Uzbekistan
Group B: Chinese-Taipei, Iran, Japan, Qatar, India

About 4th FIBA Asia Cup (From
-The 4th FIBA Asia Stankovic Cup is the qualifying event for the 27th FIBA Asia Championship in 2013, which in turn will be the qualifying event for 2014 FIBA World Cup to be held in Spain.

-The winner of the 4th FIBA Asia Cup will automatically qualify for the 27th FIBA Asia Championship in 2013.

-The top four teams at the 4th FIBA Asia Cup will earn additional berths for their respective FIBA Asia sub zones.

System of Competition
1. Preliminary Round

The ten (10) participating teams will be divided into two (2) groups (A and B) of five (5) teams each. Each team shall play all the other teams within its own group.

The four (4) best-placed teams from each group will play in the Final Round; the two (2) teams placed 5th in the two (2) groups will play in the Classification Round.

2. Quarter-Finals

Classification Round
9th place play-off: A5 vs B5 (9th and 10th)

Final Round
Game 1 (QF1): B4 vs A1
Game 2 (QF2): A4 vs B1
Game 3 (QF3): B3 vs A2
Game 4 (QF4): A3 vs B2

3. Semi-Finals

Classification Round (5 – 8 Placings):
Game 5: Loser 1 vs Loser 4
Game 6: Loser 2 vs Loser 3
Final Round (1 – 4 Placings):
Game 7 (SF1): Winner 1 vs Winner 4
Game 8 (SF2): Winner 2 vs Winner 3

4. Finals

Game 9 (7th place play-off): Loser 5 vs Loser 6
Game 10 (5th place play-off): Winner 5 vs Winner 6
Game 11 (Bronze medal game): Loser 7 vs Loser 8
Game 12 (Gold medal game): Winner 7 vs Winner 8

Note: The actual Game Nos. from Quarter-Finals onwards will vary according to the tournament schedule

FIBA Asia Cup Smart Gilas Pilipinas Schedule
FIBA Asia Cup Smart Gilas Pilipinas Roster

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